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A Christian brother living in the heart of a Muslim country request prayer for his ministry and those upholding their faith in Christ who face persecution each and every day. In an e-mail, just received, he writes:

“Thank you for caring for me. I am humbled when I think of how many of you are praying for me. I am so thankful to the Lord that He binds us together in cords that cannot be broken.

I have been traveling from one place to another. I have not stopped long enough anywhere to write to you and every day has tested me and challenged my faith in new ways. The enemy is always trying to throw obstacles in our way – both physically as well as spiritually. In fact I worry, if those who seek to attack our Secret movement cannot get to me they always know how to find my family. I trust the Lord to take care of my wife and children, as well as, all of brothers and sisters in Christ.

A weeks ago a brother was taken hostage when some men heard the words he was singing about God. They were words about the love of God and they did not like him to be so familiar with God in his singing. So they bound him and took him deep into the desert where they tried to kill him. Word went out to believers across the land as they rushed to his aid. The brother captured tells us that he saw the perpetrators hearts fill with terror when they saw so many coming to rescue him, that they dropped what they were doing and left.

Across the Muslim world we know it is the image of the Christian’s sacrificial, gracious, God, that upsets the Muslim and causes them to persecution us. It is because that God challenges their ideas and declaring that He has done everything necessary for our salvation. That’s the God our brother was singing about under his breath when he was taken captive.

Pray that more of us will have the courage to sing for Jesus despite our circumstances, and will serve Him using their gifts, be it a singing voices, words spoken, or hands brought together in prayer and worship. Pray that in all these things secret believers will continue to share the love of Jesus with the suffering people of the world, who have no gracious and loving God to turn to. There are many!”

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