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In any potential disaster a wise person assesses the threats, and then takes action. Sandy presents several threats that may cause large scale and long-term damage. As Christians we need to take two steps, pray for the Lord’s intervention while preparing for our families, and others.

If you live in the path of the storm, consider taking the following actions:

First, prepare the best you can now, even if you are well away from the coast. Second, if you have a large pantry consider how you may be able to minister to your neighbors. If you have back up heat sources, take in others.

Fill every available pot, pan, container and bathtub with water, pumps may not work in every community. Insure you have basic canned goods to get by. Fill containers with water and freeze, this will help your refrigerator stay colder longer when power goes out. If available, get extra propane to cook on your grill.

Inland rain flooding is the third threat. The map below, from NOAA estimated where the rainfall is forecast to be heaviest. Fortunately, the ground is fairly dry and will absorb some water. In addition, river levels are lower then normal. This will help keep river flooding from being catastrophic. However, local flooding will be severe in many locations.

As the storm passes, those without power will experience colder temperatures. Those losing power will need to have blankets, sleeping bags and warm clothing available.

For most people the time to prepare is past, you will need to ride out the storm with what you have. Consider taking the following steps:

  • Pray the Lord will minimize the storm effect.
  • Pray the Lord would spare life.
  • Pray the storm will move quickly to minimize the effects.
  • Gather neighbors, who are willing, together now in advance for prayer.
  • Assess the situation, ask who will be in need, ask if any neighbors will be able to help.
  • When the storm hits agree to gather two or three times a day to assess the situation, highlight needs and possible solutions to those needs.
  • When the Lord fed the multitudes He started with asking what was available- He took the small fishes and barley loaves and then fed the people. Likewise, when we offer what we have to the Lord, He will use those offerings in a powerful way.
  • Become the light of Christ on your block through prayer, leadership and sharing as possible.

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