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Open Doors, USA has just released it’s 2009 “World Watch List”of the countries who have been the worst when it comes to persecuting Christians among their citizens. North Korea tops the list for a seventh consecutive year, followed by Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Somalia round off the top five. These are the worst counties in allowing religious freedom, particularly with their treatment of Christians.

1. North Korea

2. Saudi Arabia

3. Iran

4. Afghanistan

5. Somalia

6. Maldives

7. Yemen

8. Laos

9. Eritrea

10. Uzbekistan

Other countries in the world that made this years list, were: China (12), Iraq (16), Algeria (19), India (22), and Cuba (33). For a complete list and details, go to http://www.odusa.org.

Pray for our brothers and sisters worldwide, particularly those who live in one of these listed countries. Pray that God’s arms of mercy, protection, and comfort would surround these believers, in spite of the heavy persecution that they face each day, as they walk with Christ.

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